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Just like a car, your heating & hot water system needs to be well maintained in order to keep it operating at its best. We recommend yearly service to help ensure that your boiler, cylinder or fire are running as efficiently and as safely as possible. And your appliance manufacturer requires a service to keep your boiler/cylinder/fire in good, safe working order, maintain its warranty/guarantee and reduce the risk of costly breakdowns.

Please be aware that many house insurance policies also stipulate that your appliance must be maintained as a condition of your agreement.

Regular servicing also ensures that your appliance is running at optimum efficiency, saving energy and money. Having a full service each year reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances.

Whats Included

  • A visual check of the boiler and flame, if possible
  • Checks on the flue (we use a flue gas analyser to take accurate readings)
  • Checking the operating pressure and/or heat input
  • Checking safety device
  • Checking case seals form an effective seal
  • The boiler casing will be removed to check all main boiler components (burner, heat exchanger, main injector, spark/sensor probe)
  • Boiler fired safely to identify any working faults
  • Boiler parts cleaned, if necessary
  • A service report will be provided showing everything your engineer has done and any recommendations he may have.

If you have any questions before booking a service you can talk to your engineer.

Christy Plumbing & Heating service all types of boilers including, non-condensing boilers, condensing boilers, open vent, system, combination boilers and gas boilers. Our team of Gas Safe Registered engineers are highly experienced and fully qualified to carry out boiler services.

A boiler service should only be carried out by a qualified, Gas Safe Registered engineer. To arrange a boiler service please contact our helpful and experienced staff and they will be happy to schedule it in at a time to suit you.

We can remind you when your annual boiler service is due or alternatively you can contact us to book an appointment at a time that suits you.

Download our heating and hot water guide.

We have compiled this ebook to bring you the guidance you need to answer the most common questions. From the pros and cons of boiler types to understanding extended warranties. This ebook covers each topic clearly and simply.

Our aim is for you to have a positive experience when buying a new boiler and to feel confident that you have made the right choice

Mains Pressure Cylinder Servicing

The Christy Plumbing & Heating annual service for unvented water heaters includes testing safety valves, recharging pressure vessels, cleaning the pressure reduction valve, checking electrical connections and providing a record of service.

Manufacturers of unvented water heaters recommend that you have your water heater serviced once each year, and many home insurance policies require this. Note that failure to ensure that your hot water heater and the pipework are inspected and maintained each year may result in insurance providers rejection of claims to cover damage if something were to occur.

Annual maintenance will help to keep the water heater safe and in line with the requirements of the G3 building regulations relating to hot water systems. 

Other types of water heaters such as thermal store or combination water heaters are not required to have an annual service but it is a good idea. For these water heaters, we offer a ‘system health check’, which enables us to investigate all aspects of the heater and provide a report showing the condition of the water heater and enables you to keep on top of maintenance.

Risks associated with unvented systems

Unvented water heaters are safe to use if installed and maintained correctly though an annual service. They incorporate three levels of safety. Thermostats that prevent the water from being heated above 60 – 65°, high-level cut-outs that operate when water reaches 80 – 85° because the thermostat has failed and a temperature relief valve, which operates if both other safety features fail and the water reaches 90 – 95°. In addition, unvented water systems also incorporate a pressure relief valve which operates at 6 – 7 bar.

If these safety features are missing or have become faulty then there is a risk that the water will overheat, and pressure will build up in the tank. 

We also service:

  • Gas fires
  • Warm air heating
  • Electric boilers

Gas Safety Inspections

UK landlords with gas appliances and fittings – including central heating, boilers and flues – must conduct an annual safety check conducted by a Gas Safe engineer. If you are unsure whether the Gas Safety Regulations Act (1998) applies to you, you can find out on the government’s Health And Safety Executive (HSE) website or the Gas Safe Register. https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/help-and-advice/renting-a-property/information-for-landlords/

If you are a landlord, however, it is highly likely that these laws do apply to you. You must keep a record of the safety check for two years and supply new tenants with a copy of the certificate before they move in and within 28 days of completing a new check. 

Christy Plumbing & Heating provide a professional gas safety inspection to:

  • Landlord’s
  • Homeowners & Buyers
  • Estate & Letting Agents 

The gas safety inspection may take up to an hour and will include service on the boiler. You will be given a gas safety certificate.

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” Hi Sarah, I hope all is well. I would like to thank Lawrence for the quick and accurate way the work was carried out, and will certainly recommend Christy Plumbing and Heating to anyone asking in the surrounding area.  I have to say the boiler has never been so quiet since it was installed in 2009, and we’ve all noted the hot water supply is much more stable, especially when using other appliances, while the shower is running. Thanks again for your prompt action, it is very much appreciated by all in the household.

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