New radiator colour added to the Stelrad range.

New radiator colour added to the Stelrad range.

The addition of a number of coloured radiators being held in stock by Stelrad at its National Distribution Centre to be delivered within 24 hours of the order has been so successful that the company is adding to the range of coloured radiators available from June this year.
Within both the Vita and Softline Series, the new Silhouette Concept will be available in stylish Anthracite Grey.

“The addition of coloured options from stock has been well received,” says Chris Harvey, Head of Marketing at Stelrad. “We’re seeing the numbers of orders increasing week on week and as a result has decided to meet the demand from customers by adding to the range available in both the Vita and Softline Series.”

To paraphrase the famous quote by Henry Ford, that you could ‘have a Ford car in any colour so long as it was black’, radiators have traditionally been available in any colour so long as they were white. But over the past couple of years, the demand for coloured radiators has been on the up and Stelrad has been happy to respond to the new trend with multi-colour options available for a number of their products.

“It’s clear that radiators are being seen by many as part of the décor in a home rather than simply as a heating appliance,” continued Chris. “We are seeing far higher sales of the decorative and designer radiators we manufacture here in the UK and alongside this, we’re seeing the trend for coloured radiators very much on the rise. We anticipate seeing significant increases in sales of coloured radiators in the months ahead.”

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