Plumbing things that make my life easier.

Apr 13, 2023 | 0 comments

  1. Have an outside tap where the water is blended so I can clean the mud off our dogs and
    make it an enjoyable experience for them.
  2. Water butts on every downpipe I can muster – as we have a large garden, it means in the
    summer I do not have to go far to water the borders.
  3. To keep my taps and shower working well, I use limescale removal spray every week, in
    In my opinion, Viakal is the best.
  4. A heating control that I can program so it comes on without me having to switch it on and
    I can turn it off completely during the summer months. Thermostatic radiator valves on all
    radiators so we can turn the heat right down in the spare room when it is not being used.
  5. A really tall towel radiator in the bathroom – at one time we had 5 adults in the house, and
    this meant all the towels could dry easily. And I will not go cheap when it comes to rads – I
    love Stelrad and the towel radiator has been in the bathroom now for 10 years and looks as
    sturdy and shiny as it did on its first day.
  6. Our house was built in the 1960s and downstairs there were only ever two small radiators,
    so when we re-decorated we bought a much larger horizontal radiator for the lounge and
    invested in a Stelrad double vertical radiator for the lounge – and I LOVE it. Heats the
    hallway and stairwell easily, please ease those aches and pains if you stand against it!

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