Quick checks to do before purchasing a new home

Aug 2, 2023 | 0 comments

When buying their most recent home, only one in five buyers took the boiler’s condition and service history into consideration.

This could explain why nearly a quarter had boiler issues in the first 12 months after moving in, with 17% having to unexpectedly fork out for a replacement.

In order to avoid undisclosed problems when purchasing a house, there are many checks you can do to minimise the risk of issues further down the line.

● Check for water stains

Check out the shower or tap fittings and look out for any signs of water pooling or running. A sign for leaky pipes is the presence of stains on walls and ceilings.

● Don’t dismiss strange smells

A huge giveaway for drain issues is a bad smell whether that’s in the kitchen or bathroom areas. This could indicate a blocked pipe which isn’t allowing water to flow away and then creating a nasty smell.

● Don’t dismiss strange noises

Likewise with strange smells, unusual noises can also be an indicator that something is not working efficiently especially if it is coming from the boiler. If the noise is left, the problem is likely to worsen over time, and lead to the new homeowner having to splurge out on a new boiler.

● Book in a pre-purchase plumbing inspection

Lastly, the best way to completely check the house’s plumbing and heating system is to have a survey completed. A plumber will be able to check the drainage systems and ensure it is in good working condition before you fully commit to the house. If you are interested in having a survey completed, call us on 01234 325 620 or email us at info@christyplumbing.co.uk to request a quote.

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