Cost Breakdowns

Feb 15, 2024 | 0 comments

We do not tend to break down our quotes or invoices.
We will give you a description of what we will do/have done for the overall price.

Many customers will look to potentially removing or separately sourcing or self-sourcing certain elements or materials – cherry picking.  But if you carry out certain works yourself or buy some of the materials, you then ask us to guarantee it all? How is this fair?

The price we give our customers is for the whole job and not part of the job. Things like set-up costs including office time, site preliminaries including the time spent during the survey, and our overheads including vans, tools, training, insurance, registrations, etc are spread across the whole list of work items for any one job. It’s also a price for us to take on the risk.

The quote or invoice takes account of our whole time not just the time we set foot inside your property.

When you buy a car, you don’t ask how much the bumpers cost, or how much time was spent making the spark plugs, and you don’t think about the time the design spent on the aerodynamics or the production team building the line.

Once you have a customer who begrudges the labour charge, they don’t think you should make a profit, but if we do not make a profit, then we will need to close the company and customers will find it increasingly difficult to find a good plumber.

We might be the only company that can do that work for you. Few have the experience expertise and quality workmanship to do the job you are requesting. Not all companies have equal levels of quality, service, flexibility, and price.

We provide quotes which means if we take longer on a job than we expected then we take the hit, and the client expects us to wear it. However, if we take less time than we expected, the client still expects a discount. How can that be a fair relationship?

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